Google adsense causing large horizontal scrolling on mobile

(ひさし) #1

Create an ad unit with size 320 * 100 with google adsense and choose 320 * 100 large mobile banner with “adsense mobile topic list top top size” in the discourse management screen, then the mobile design will collapse like the image below.

(ひさし) #2

Does anyone know how to solve this bug?

(Joe) #3

Can you post a link to the site you’re having trouble with?

(Ultra Noob) #4

Horizontal scroll, content falling outside of viewport, this problem I had faced on very first day while using official Ad plugin. This problem occurs on mobile devices.

To fix, just hide Ad unit label using display: none; css property.

(Joe) #5

horizontal scroll on mobiles fixed via:

Thanks for reporting @zyouchi :+1:

This is most likely against the terms of use for adsense and is not recommended.

(Ultra Noob) #6

By default AdSense doesn’t show any label. The plugin itself add a label called “Advertisment” above each ad unit. When I did hide, the problem was fixed. I don’t see it as violation. I am still using this plug-in. Overall, excellent experience.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #7