Advertising Plugin for Discourse - Serve Ads on your Discourse Forum (Official Endorsed)


(Ladydanger) #21

Thanks @mr8, this issue has now been resolved. See issue and PR details here:

(ljpp) #22

Rectangular ad formats should be supported for mobile. The 320x50 is a very inefficient format and the market is rather poor as well. Other than that - great work!

This plugin is following the Discourse stable branch, right?

Google AdSense plugin
(@SenpaiMass) #23

It only supports 1.4 version as per git. Waiting for a 1.5 support release.

(| full stack virgin) #24

does this support html code embedding?

(Sarah Ni) #25

hiya, could you elaborate abit on what you mean?

(Vinoth Kannan) #26

Is it supporting Google Adsense’s new Page-level ads?

Google introduced Anchor/overlay and Vignette page level ads for mobile platform. Can we implement it using this plugin?

(Miguel Ángel López Vicente) #27


I installed this plugins and configured it with my adsense account. I created two blocks, one for desktop and other for mobile and used their codes in the plugin settings, but Google not approved my website and I don’t know why.

(Ladydanger) #28

Hi Miguel, that happened to me too and then after a while ads started serving, it just takes some time and it’s probably something from google’s end.

(Miguel Ángel López Vicente) #29

I received a email from Google that it say that Google not approved my website :frowning:

(Benjamin Meghnagi Rozenberg (Broz)) #30

@ladydanger @eviltrout @neil @kcoop

First of all Hi, I am writing a plugin to support the integration of Optinmonster into discourse, i need to know how you was able to achieve this result:

I suppose that you achieved the same result i want to achieve making the script for the ads works everytime and everywhere. How did you achieve that?

(Neil Lalonde) #31

Hi @broz

The code you want to look at is here in the _initGoogleDFP and loadGoogle functions: discourse-adplugin/google-dfp-ad.js.es6 at master · discourse/discourse-adplugin · GitHub

We use a component for each ad placement. When each component is initialized, it calls loadGoogle to load the gpt.js library if it hasn’t already been loaded. After that, the ad units are placed on the page and the gpt library is called to start serving the ads.

(Pirat) #32

and there are examples or demos?

(Bcguy) #33

This sounds really interesting - please post when you go into beta as I’d like to try it.

(Ilias) #34


I just installed the plugin in Discourse version v1.7.0.beta5 +15 but I am facing the following problem.

Adsense code appears correctly, but it seems that the banner is not reloaded in each page view. For example, the banner in ‘topic list top’ location is always the same when I move from one page to another. In multiple page refreshes, a different banner appears. I’ve tried visiting 30 or more pages just to make sure it is not a coincidence.


(Алексей Копаев) #35

When you paste the code there is an error “Sorry, an error has occurred” and no data is saved, in what could be the Problem?

(Mauro) #36

Disable ad bloker and try again.

(smartwatchme) #37

Curious as to what level of effort it would take to make it compatible with Amazon Native Shopping ads?

(ljpp) #38

You don’t need a plugin for those. Just add the code snippets via Customize panel.

(Ilias) #39

Is it possible to have the ads appear after the Nth post in each topic, starting from the first post the user read?

What I mean: If I click on a topic and go (automatically) to the 23rd post, because this is the first unread post, the banner should appear after the 25th post.

I could not use the option of “every Nth message”, since this would be against the terms and conditions of almost any advertising network (adsense, for example) – how many ads should I display on each page? Unlimited?


(ljpp) #40

Could I request more mobile banner sizes for the AdSense part, particularly the 300x250 wich is availble via DFP, but not using AdSense?