Advertising Plugin for Discourse - Serve Ads on your Discourse Forum (Official Endorsed)


(Neil Lalonde) #62

Hmm yeah that is strange. I don’t remember what I had to do because it was many years ago.

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(Daniel) #64

Just wondering. Is there a way to hide ads from specific user group? Regardless of user trust level.

Add group options to Advertising Plugin

Excuse me, if this plugin is official, why do not have the #official tag?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #66

Likely because #official are a fairly recent addition to Meta, and this was missed. Looks like @Falco just took care of it.


This would be a great and sensible addition.

(ljpp) #68

I have to say, I would appreciate some work, or even complete re-work on this plugin.

  • AdSense still does not have the size options of DFP (like setting for mobile banner size).
  • Cannot utilize AdSense’s responsive code.
  • It is quite cumbersome to copy & paste all the ID numbers. Of course it is a one-shot effort, but it would really be more convenient to copy&paste the ad banner codes.

Couldn’t an ad plugin work as a combination of two features:

  • User defines the size of the ad banner. As flexible as possible. Perhaps even a numeric value, like 320x250.
  • User pastes the ad banner source code.
  • If the adnetwork has generic code loaded per page, that could go to Customizations.

This approach would allow freedom and flexibility regarding ad sizes and ad networks. If this is not feasible, please add size option for mobile banner for AdSense as well, as they are in DFP options. Currently, one has to use DFP to get the most popular mobile banner size of 320x250. Since most serve AdSense banners anyway, thats a needless round trip of going via DFP, to get the AdSense ads. Slows things down.

AdSense plugin comparison
(Leah Kramer) #69

Hi @MerryMinstrel. I wanted to hide a specific ad unit based on whether a user was logged in or not so I used CSS to do this. You may be able to do this for Groups as well. Doing it for logged-in/guests works roughly like so:

.topic-above-suggested-outlet {
    display: none;
.anon .topic-above-suggested-outlet {
    display: inline;

(Daniel) #70

Hi, @lkramer! Yeah, it should work for primary user groups. But isn’t this a violation of adsence policies?

#Techniques to avoid
Here are some techniques you’ll want to avoid:

  • Hiding ad units at anytime (e.g., display:none), unless you’re implementing a responsive ad unit

(Leah Kramer) #71

Ahh… That is a good point. A less than ideal solution.

(Neil Lalonde) #72

I’m sure there are plenty of sites that allow you to pay for “premium membership” to stop seeing ads… It must be similar to anon vs logged in?

(Kane York) #73

What about just setting adsense_through_trust_level to 0? New users will still get ads until 5 minutes + their first refresh, but it gets pretty close to “anonymous users only”.

(Dan Dascalescu) #74

Hiding ads with display: none means they are still fetched, wasting the logged in user’s time and bandwidth.

(Tomek) #75

I have issues with banner sizes, can anyone help?

I have a top placement for my DFP configured in Discourse as 970x250 px. In DFP this placement is set to 970x250 px only. However it shows ads in different sizes like 300x600 px and the content of the ad is trimmed to 970x250 area.

This happens on for all banners not just the top ;(

(xiasummer) #76

Could you please show us your discourse site to let us see the effect picture?

(Daniela) #77

PR submitted for italian translation.

(Jose C Gomez) #78

Having an intermittent issue with this plug in. Sometimes the advertisement will show up “BLANK” and I see these errors in the Console. Any idea what could be causing these?

Error: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()

If I refresh a few times the advertisement loads fine.

(Jose C Gomez) #79

It appears to be related to AJAX Somehow?

(Julian Muñoz) #80

Does the same happens in a different browser? Do you have some sort of AdBlocker or Proxy Server that you’re aware of?

(Jose C Gomez) #81

I have an ad-blocker but it is turned off and it works fine most of the time. Sometimes it fails and gives that error. I haven’t tried in another browser. (Though I can