Advertising Plugin for Discourse - Serve Ads on your Discourse Forum (Official Endorsed)


(Neil Lalonde) #104

Link to what? Which words? Are you talking about the Amazon part of this plugin?


Actually I a looking for a way to add my ref-links from non-amazon shops which mostly run on inhouse affiliate platforms


For that scenario Skimlinks is perfect. However their Javscript doesn’t work well with Discourse. (Skimlink will make links to online stores automatically affiliate links, they take a cut but won’t touch links that are already affiliate links. They also have the option to make links from specific keywords with their Skimwords product if I’m correct).

I already mailed Skimlinks but their support wasn’t interested in making it work well with Discourse. I was told to ask Discourse why they fiddle with links after the page is loaded.

Would be great if Skimlinks and Discourse would play well, as it’s an easy and non-intrusive way that helps to pay for hosting.

(Frederik L) #107

After installation I get this - a bug or?


(Neil Lalonde) #108

@frold Are you volunteering to translate the plugin into Danish? :smile:

23 AM

(David Taylor) #109

@neil shouldn’t it fall back to English if there’s a missing translation?

A similar problem recently cropped up here as well:

(Neil Lalonde) #110

Hmm yes it should. I’ll look.

(Frederik L) #111

I just tried to join the team…

(Neil Lalonde) #112

Translation fallbacks only work for the server.*.yml strings. None of the client.*.yml strings can fallback to english. I think this is a regression, or maybe it never worked.

(Neil Lalonde) #113

Translations from plugins in the admin section of the site were not falling back to english if they were untranslated. I pushed a fix for that. I think it was always this way, but few plugins add strings to admin.

(Cheng Trang) #114

I installed plugin, it is ok.
But now i config then show error.
I cant change status it.

(Frederik L) #115

I did signup as a Danish Translater and added some danish text strings to the language package.


since I am mostly using affiliate programs which are run inhouse on different (and mostly very limited) platforms, that’s not an option unfortunately

(Neil Lalonde) #117

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(Stefano Maffulli) #118

this reply is a great resource, I wish I found this weeks ago. I’d suggest to create a #howto out of this, I’d be happy to contribute as I keep on learning DFP on my own.

(Anil Gupta) #125

Just wondering if you found any solution to hide the ‘ADVERTISEMENT’ word from ads?
I am looking for a solution and the official plugin still does not have an option to hide it.

I would appreciate if you can share the solution and your discourse forum for me to have a look.


These lines in Customize > Theme > CSS should do the trick

.google-adsense-label {
    display: none;

(Anil Gupta) #127

Thanks. I will try this.

I see that that i have the ‘material design theme’ which will probably over-write this custom CSS change, if I add it.
Any idea, if there is a way to avoid overwriting?

(Jay Pfaffman) #128

Add this as a child theme of the themes you have enabled.

(Anil Gupta) #129

Wow…this works.
Thanks @Steven and @pfaffman for the tips.