Advertising Plugin for Discourse - Serve Ads on your Discourse Forum (Official Endorsed)


(Anil Gupta) #130

One more question:
Do we have any plans to support ‘In-feed’ ads?

These ads are basically meant to be shown WITHIN the post content and they really perform well than ads outside the post reading area.

(cpradio) #131

Do a search, there are feature requests and requests in #marketplace for them to be added, no one seems interested enough to do it though.

(Sebastian) #132

what’s the extent of amazon CPM support and what would the plugin author’s best practice suggestion be for what fall-back code to use? What are experiences with Amazon CPM and responsiveness?

(Joe Buhlig) #133

Hey team! I was working on an extension for this plugin and discovered some odd behavior with the Adsense ads in the post-bottom placement. They would stretch outside the width of the post on desktop. I was able to fix it using this in the Desktop CSS as part of a theme:

.google-adsense.adsense-responsive {

The ad style is responsive in this case as all the others seem to stretch outside the width of a post and don’t necessarily work well in the given environment.

Not sure if this is worth pulling in as a PR or not. You’ll have to let me know.

(Andrew Campese) #134

Something seems to be wrong in the adsense section of the settings, whenever I try and apply any changes I get " Sorry, an error has occurred."

(Neil Lalonde) #135

The ads will fit into the container, in that case section.topic-area. It should anyway…

You sure custom css hasn’t changed the container width?

(Vaping Community) #136

I have got an Amazon banner to work on desktop but doesn’t work on mobile, It shows the discourse page not found screen instead…

I am NOT using the iframe, just the URL

I’m trying to add it here:
amazon mobile topic above suggested src code

It isn’t assigning the height/width/source code

(Joe Buhlig) #137

Just verified. The width on the ad comes from here:

If you follow up the tree, you find the width set by #main-outlet.wrap, which comes in at:

.wrap {
   max-width: 1110px;

(Neil Lalonde) #138

Oh right, the post bottom placement… (as you said). Yeah that will need to be in a smaller container. I’ll fix.

@joebuhlig How does a placement like this look? Or should it go all the way to the left margin?

(Joe Buhlig) #139

The current placement I have it in spans under the avatars as well. To my eyes that’s a better look… for an ad. :wink:

(Neil Lalonde) #141

@joebuhlig I made a fix for it, and for narrow widths too.

(Neil Lalonde) #142

Is this what you’re seeing?

@Vaping_Community I found the problem and pushed a fix. There was a typo in the code for that setting (amazon mobile topic above suggested src code). :blush:

(Vaping Community) #143

Thankyou! Now I just need to work out how to make amazon ads responsive.

(Anil Gupta) #144

Hi @cpradio
Not sure if you are interested in adsense customization on discourse, but, i wanted to share this update.

We no longer need to use the Discourse Adsense plugin to get ads inside the post!
The adsense AUTO ADS can do it in neat and pretty way.

See here:

This can be done using the Adsense Auto ads with just a single code that can be placed inside the theme customization head tag.
Google is using AI (artificial intelligence) to find the right point to display the ads automatically on any page on your website. No need to worry about type of placement of ads now.
Its all automatic!

Check this link for verifying the display of ads.

(Neil Lalonde) #145

That’s very cool Anil! I’ve been navigating around your site and eventually wasn’t seeing any ads in any topics. I wonder if AdSense is making that decision, or if there’s a problem with Auto Ads on single-page apps like Discourse.


i just read more about this yesterday… it’ll be interesting to see how intelligent the placement really is…

(Anil Gupta) #147

Yes, i guess that could be a problem at this time.
I have been trying to test the pages and it looks like it loads ads on full page load only.

I will test it for couple of days on Discourse installation to see the AD metrics and then take a decision with respect to keeping it or move back to plugin.

On a side note, I have tested it on wordpress installation and AUTO ADS are indeed loaded separately on each new post there pretty well. The AD placement varies on each page though.
Sometimes, only 1 AD is shown and other times up-to 3 automatically at different places on the page.


yikes… so, it’s almost completely outside of your control… ewwwwwwww.

(Anil Gupta) #149

But, the good thing is that even when you have switched ON the AUTO-ADS, you can still place separate AD codes wherever you like.

The AUTO-ADS automatically detect the presence of other Adsense ADS (that you may have explicitly added) and maintain the ‘number of ads on a single page’ requirement and then places its own set of ads.

So, it is pretty accommodating.
In a nutshell, both adsense ads through discourse plugin and auto ads can co-exist.

(Guy Fawkes) #150

From my point of view the best way to advertise on a website without annoying users is to be able to customise your ads like quora does :

I know that google dont support this kind of thnigs is there any other ads company that can allows us to do that or if there is anyway to do it