Advertising Plugin for Discourse - Serve Ads on your Discourse Forum (Official Endorsed)


(Bart) #171

I’m adding a Patreon integration to my site and would like to offer Patreons a banner-free site. Is there a way to disable banners for a specific user group? (Or maybe better, multiple groups?)


You can do it by trust level:

(Bart) #173

I’m aware you can set the trust level, but that’s not the same thing - members shouldn’t be able to ‘buy’ a trust level by becoming a Patreon. It would be much ‘cleaner’ if I could set a user group, right?


Yes, that would be a nice feature, but I don’t think it’s available out f the box. As a workaround, you could assign automatic trust levels to the Patreon group, but that too is not as clean as specifying a group in the ad plugin, and it goes against “buying trust.”

(Neil Lalonde) #175

It’s currently not an option, but sounds like a good idea to me.


If anyone of you have added Amazon banner links using this plugin, please tell me how to get the code?
I have an Amazon Associates account, but I’m finding it really hard to find the iframe link.
I can find just JS code on their site.

Please help me :frowning:



(Neil Lalonde) #177

@nixie I posted instructions above:

The code is in the src. Something like this:



Hi @neil
Yes, the URL is there in the SRC. I can find that.

But, Amazon no more gives us the iframe code (I checked in Google and I can see that previously they used to give both JS + iframe code).

Now, now, they are giving just the JS code.

So I think the plugin needs to be updated to allow JS code (I mean the JS url)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

(Neil Lalonde) #179

I know almost nothing about the Amazon part of this plugin. But it seems like it only supports the ads that are iframes.

That isn’t true according to my account. It gives some banners as iframes and some aren’t. So I guess the intention of this plugin was to only support iframe amazon ads? In any case, maybe the Amazon part of this plugin needs to be rewritten or extracted into a new plugin.


About this:

I know that it is not an option, but I’m agree with Neil:

Can we open a new #feature topic about this @neil ?

Add group options to Advertising Plugin
(Neil Lalonde) #181

Yes, this topic is long and includes different discussions, so a new topic would be nice.

(Bart) #182

I can’t find how to create Amazon iframe ads; every time I create one it’s of the ‘script’ type.

(Bikramjit Bhangoo) #183

Is it possible to change the ad alignment? Right now the ads appear on the right.


(Bart) #184

Apparently the ads are centered across the entire page width, which makes it look odd. I think it’s a matter of a bit of CSS, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Will post an update when I have a solution.

(Leah Kramer) #185

Hi @ladydanger We’ve just noticed that DFP ads aren’t showing up anymore (after many months of working great) and I see this error in the javascript console:

gpt.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: b.a is not a function
    at R (gpt.js:1)
    at b (gpt.js:1)
    at Object.W.j (gpt.js:1)
    at zb (gpt.js:1)
    at Bb (gpt.js:1)
    at gpt.js:1
    at Fb (gpt.js:1)
    at gpt.js:1
    at gpt.js:1
    at gpt.js:1

Any ideas what this could be? Thanks so much!

(Abram Bailey) #186

Same issue here. What version of Discourse are you on? Did you recently upgrade? I’m not sure when this error started for us.

(Daniela) #187

The team is checking to fix the problem, we will notify you as soon as it is resolved so you can upgrade the plugin

(Leah Kramer) #188

We’re on Discourse 1.9.5. Not sure when it was last upgraded. Our web host upgrades it for us but we don’t get notified when that happens.

(Vaping Community) #189

Here’s what I use to get the Ads to behave…

.google-adsense.adsense-post-bottom {
    padding: 0 52px;

(Pradeep Kumar) #190

Can you kindly share the link to the forum where I can see this live? Would love to implement this on our forum as well. Thank you!