Advice for when a developer project goes bad?

Hi all,

Apologies if this isn’t in the right place, but I’m looking for some difficult advice.

Unfortunately, a developer from this forum who was highly recommended to me has gone AWOL, taking payment but not completing any of the agreed work (the project was a redesign of a Community homepage - FYI it wasn’t a project advertised on this forum - the person who recommended them put us in touch with each other by email last August, before I even knew I could advertise for developers here!)

I’ve tried contacting them to resolve this, proposing a variety of resolutions as the months go by
(we paid them back in November last year!), from trying to proceed with the project if possible, to eventually asking for a full refund after repeated attempts to proceed with the project fell through, but I’m just not getting any response any more. Frustratingly, they’re still actively using this Community, but just aren’t responding to me.

Does anyone have any advice for ways to resolve disputes like this? I have an official invoice from their website with a list of the agreed tasks, and a receipt for the deposit paid - is there any kind of mediation you can recommend? Has anyone else experienced this with any positive outcome in the end? Is there anywhere I can report this to, or is there anyone you guys know who specialises in resolving disputes like this as quickly and amicably as possible? Really, I just want the work completed as agreed in a reasonable time, or if that’s not possible a speedy refund, so we can draw a line under this unfortunate affair and move on.

It’s a long shot, I know, but I thought it was worth asking as this is the first time we’ve had problems with a developer.

Thanks for your advice,



Hey @laurawinegirl,

We’ve chatted briefly before. I know most of the folks here and can help to mediate if you like. Send me a PM.




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