Advice on best resource to teach novices to use the wiki feature

I have a nonprofit membership community who are eager to use the Discourse features but are relative novices and won’t venture into trial and error mode to learn new things. If I can nudge them to try new features with a few links to meta howtos and short videos I can spark people to try things. My first features to try and promote are the wiki features.

Can anyone link to best meta topics or short videos that show novices how to succeed with wiki working in Discourse?


Is this you are looking for?


It is very detailed and may turn off a novice user wanting to just edit and track changes in existing wiki posts - but it is a great start. I will see if the markdown is available and I may remove non-essentials to create a smaller version.

@pfaffman has pointed out that this need is likely not limited to nonprofits - I agree. But I do know that those ‘non-technology’ nonprofits that are trying to phase in modern web-tools have in common a membership based that is used to MS Word and Outlook and so may need an extra nudge strategy to break old habits and thinking.

You can get the markdown for a topic by replacing a few parts of the URL.

Instead of try


the cool thing is that now when you paste in stuff from Word, the Right Thing happens and Markdown is generated.

But as far as I know, there is no recovery from Outlook.


Is “the wiki feature” the problem, or just markdown formatting?

I think this request is basically about Do we need a help button on the composer?


Although learning Markdown is an element it is more about learning the basic ideas of wiki working:

  • click edit to open another view of the page
  • try to remember to click to add a reason for your edit
  • click the history link to see past edits of this page
  • don’t be afraid - you can’t break anything