Advice on Intro topics (after 100s of "Hello, I'm ..." )

We’re lucky enough to have ~450 teachers introducing themselves on our forums. (It’s great!)

What’s the best way to navigate an intro topic once your community is lively and happening?

A few pieces we’d like to design around:

  • We’d like to keep veterans engaged with newbies (without spamming them)
  • Is there a way to designate groups of “welcomers” on specific topics?
  • I know Discourse surfaces potentially interesting topics to new users-what about interesting people in the community? What’s the current & best thinking around community member discovery?
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One option is to have an intro category as opposed to an intro topic, it’s not all roses, but worth exploring


@sam good call. I can see that’s what the folks at New Relic do:

So the benefits are that the scrolling isn’t endless, you can pop into the category when you want to. What else is great about this approach?

Any drawbacks?