After changing category, elements of page disappear, or full page is hidden temporality

A moderator on our discourse site shared an issue I’ve not been able to replicate. I am curious if you have experienced the issue? I’m looking for a pattern to diagnose the problem, as I haven’t been able to replicate it myself yet.

When he updates a topic’s category, the original post on the page disappears, or the full page is hidden, temporarily.

Whenever I test out the page with the issue, the page and OP is back. Whenever I try the same pattern, the issue does not happen for me.

I’m having issues where sometimes when I change a topic’s category, the topic disappears (at least for me)…

[When] I just changed this topics category, for example from #r-markdown to #general

After confirming the change

  1. The original topic immediately disappears but the answers are still visible.

On the page below, the original post is missing, but all replies are visible.

  1. Then if I reload the page I get the error

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

The weird thing is that sometimes they reaper later with another comment or edit so it seems as they disappear just for me, maybe an issue with replication and load balancing that affects only the server I’m been served from?. For example, the link from my first message is now visible to me again.

PS: I have also tried accessing the link on another device and with another browser in case cookies are involved but no luck.

This happened since we updated to 2.8.0.beta9.

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