After update featured topics missing from a single category

I’m honestly at a loss on this one. Today, we upgrade to v.2.4.0.beta2+183 & after that, a specific category no longer shows subcategoies’ featured topics. Please see the below picture. I’ve checked every setting I’m aware of, & I can’t seem to figure it out. Any help is appreciated.


Hmm. Any ideas @dax?

Make sure you try in safe mode to rule out any css theming issues.

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In Safe Mode, with all options check to disable it still has the same issue.

I hate to bump this, but the issue is ongoing. I have tested a few theories, but have no idea how to resolve this.

Is there a way to downgrade from the v.2.4.0.beta2+183 to a the most recent stable edition?


Without logs, or even a link to your site it’s impossible to offer any help.

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The site is It’s private registration, so if you’re trying to come in through the front door, I’d need to make you an account.

Which logs would you need me to send your way?

Please do and message me.

Even the login form has broken CSS:



@LlamaSensei I see that the subcategories have security restrictions with the parent category doesn’t.

This appear to work fine in your other parent categories. Can you please double check the security settings for the children categories under “Pipers Alcove”?

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This is what the restrictions look like:

  • Parent Category:
  • Subcategory:

This is similar to the other subcategories, with small variations in Trust Level Access.

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Every trust_level_2 is also on the trust_level_1 group, and the same applies to the others, so you can simplify by restricting it only to TL1.

Regarding showing the topics, it looks like a bug on our guardian code on the category detailed list serializer. Since you have a non-default config in there (show subcategory list, rows with featured topics, different security levels for child categories) it doesn’t surprise me that this part of the code has some bugs.


Wow, never thought to test this but it makes a lot of sense. Gonna make my life a lot easier in that area.

So I’m guessing the resolution is to wait until the next update to see if the issue gets resolved?

I also noticed another thing if it helps anyone, if you’ve muted a topic it won’t show up in the list of topics in a category for you. You can search for it but you won’t see in the list of topics (this seems to apply to everyone including admins) until you unmute it.