Each category pages show list of all categories before the topic list after update

here is 2 snapshots of a category page, e.g. /c/wiki, though it’s in Persian:

after I go to a category, first it shows all the categories listed and then it shows a “loading” symbol, and then the topic list.

I deactivated all the changed css and it doesn’t fix the issue. any idea what’s wrong there in our forum?

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Looks like the new Categories design isn’t LTR friendly


thanks, but the category page is ok and nice indeed:

but each category page, let’s say ourforum.com/c/category1 doesn’t work correctly. is it still something to do with the new category design?

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Not 100% sure, but do you have show subcategory list setting enabled? I wonder if that has to do with it, or if it is due to the Topic Preview Plugin.

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nice shot :relieved:, and yes, with disabling this option things are fine with each category page.

@zogstrip, this may be something to look into then? As that show subcategory list is causing the category views to behave oddly.


Absolutely, we got to get this sorted before we deploy gearbox @zogstrip

Yep, reproduced this on Try as well for good measure.

  1. Make a sub-category
  2. Enable show subcategory list
  3. Enter parent category

And you get this:

Also notice the addition of “Latest - There are no latest topics. That’s sad”

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I fixed the show subcategory list issue while adding the new category_page_style site setting :strawberry:



Not being a coder, I have no idea what you are all talking about. I was in the process of changing the home page on thirty sites from Categories to Latest when the update took effect on our sites, so spent several hours trying to figure out what I had done…

The simple fix until someone “swats the bug” is to uncheck the box in the basic set up:

“Show subcategory list instead of topic list when entering a category.” in the

Everything goes back to normal then.

I think you were just a bit unlucky there, we deployed standard with the bug and then redeployed it with the fix.


Thanks, you are likley right. We had a couple of 5 gig communities coming over last week and this and consequently held an update. The crew in my office were quite entertaining as frustrated as I was getting not being able to undo what I thought I did. The new look is great BTW, thanks…

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