After update, some of my site small profile pictures are generic gray figures

I just did an update to 5077cf52fdb as a result of ./launcher rebuild app while implementing Adding an offline page when rebuilding

Now, some of the small profile pictures are a gray generic. For example, here’s what the Latest view looks like:

However, the larger profile pictures appear fine:

A shift-click refresh shows the same problem, so it’s not a transient error.

Affected users (including me) have the same generic gray profile picture in the upper right profile pull-down.


I’m not sure where to look for error messages associated with only a certain size of profile picture failing to display only for some users.

One user reported that his uploaded picture was still present in his profile, but gravatar was selected, and that changing it back to custom upload fixed it.

Mine was still set to custom upload and the picture was visible, but it was not active; changing it to system default broke the custom upload and I had to upload it again, after which my profile picture was restored.

I’ve noticed that several affected users had a gravatar, and refreshing the gravatar is broken; it destroys their profile picture if I press the refresh button for gravatar. This happens inconsistently, and for some users I’ve had no problem downloading their gravatar using curl$(echo -n $email | md5sum | cut -d' ' -f1) and uploading it as a new static profile picture. Not clear why “refresh” on gravatar would not work when I can download it perfectly.

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