Only option shown for Flag > Flagged Posts -> Agree is "Agree and Keep post"

Does this make sense that the only thing I can do as a moderator is to agree, but keep the post unchanged?


Appears on hosted community

Yes, I believe that’s by design, but @eviltrout can comment.


I’m not 100% convinced, but the thinking is you should be able to see what is going to happen.

We could make it so that the button says “Agree and Keep Post” if it’s the only action, but having said that I am a fan of the interface always working the same way. Moderators might expect the button to always create a dropdown, and if it doesn’t sometimes it might be confusing.


I think it is OK as well.


If I get a report for “Inappropriate” why is the only available “Agree…” option “Agree and Keep Post”? I want to remove the post and make sure that the users knows he has done something wrong.


Yeah, I think you should copy the “Agree and Delete Post” and “Agree and Suspend User” options into the dropdown, even though it’s already present on the right.

Oh I see this is not what I thought it was @eviltrout. I agree there should be more options under “Agree” if the flag was inappropriate.


I thought “Delete” would delete the flag, not the post…

Nope, you cannot delete a flag, for logging and audit purposes. If you just want the flag to go away, use Disagree or Defer.

Shouldn’t the options just always be there? e.g. sometimes deleting an off-topic post is the best way to deal with it.

No need to confuse admins with options disappearing based on the sometimes tenuous distinction between off topic/inappropriate/spam flags.


I actually don’t want to delete the flag - I want to agree and delete the post.

“Agree and Keep Post” is actually a misnomer, wouldn’t “Agree but keep post” be better?


Can you repro this @jomaxro? I’m curious if using a new signup on casting an inappopriate flag can repro this for a mod there?

Actually I was a little curious about this so I did it myself. @Sujan I can’t repro your situation here is what it looks like for me:

  1. In incognito mode, logged in as new user on (TL1 default there)

  2. Flagged a post as inappropriate.

  3. In a different browser, logged in as staff and viewed the resulting flag.

Note that I get “agree and hide”. So something is weird about your flagged post @sujan.

You could definitely argue (cc @eviltrout) that we should show the delete option here as well, all the time, and I do agree with that.

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Looking at @Sujan’s screenshot, it appears the post is already hidden. Perhaps that is why the agree and hide post option is not there?

Yeah possibly, so there’s nothing to do @sujan … at that point you are waiting for the user to edit their post and automatically unhide it.

Remember that “Hide and send PM” (which happens automatically if enough people flag a post anyway, though a mod can force it to happen with just one flag) urges the user to edit their post.

I still think the delete option should appear here under the agree button @eviltrout.


But I have a flag that has to be taken care of, and it seems the interface doesn’t offer me any option to do so, correct? If I should " … and keep post" in this situation, it doesn’t really make sense to me that I have to decide that depending on the current state of the post, or does it?

Not really, you can defer the flag if you don’t care if the user ever edits their post – if they never do, it will just stay hidden (behind a click to reveal) indefinitely.

The pending flag is a reminder that you are waiting for the user to edit and fix their post, reacting to the PM they got urging them to edit their post to fix it.

Perhaps we could be clearer about that state @eviltrout, when the post is already hidden?

Interesting, did this change recently?
I never had this problem before. I could always handle flags as an “inbox zero” problem.

I dunno, @jomaxro could test some more to see if there is a difference when a moderator agrees with the flag and hides the post… that might also clear the flag, which makes me wonder how you got into that state. Perhaps the flag stays live when 3 users all flag a post and triggers the automatic hide + PM.

It doesn’t really matter, you could just defer / ignore the flag.