Agreement to Ts&Cs

Hello. I have a slightly legal question. I’ve been searching for Ts&Cs agreement, but I could only find older conversations (apologies in advance if I’ve missed them) and so something might have changed since then. I am using ARMember on my website for a membership that puts joining the community on Discourse behind a paywall.
Where do the Ts&Cs provided on Discourse come in? Are they the same as the ones I should be showing when they sign up on the site if all that’s provided in the membership is access to Discourse?
Thanks so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

The ones provided with the install are just some general guidelines that would be appropriate in most simple cases. If you need something special for your circumstances you may want to get some advice from a legal professional. If the default T&Cs don’t apply at all, you can create your own to suit. :+1:

Thank you @JammyDodger! If the ones provided with the Discourse install were suitable for now, in terms of getting the members to agree to them, can this be one on my site at the point of signing up since signing up is handled by my WP plugin? If this were possible, what I would have to do is copy and paste them into a WP page on my site - would this be acceptable? Many thanks!