AI Summarization doesn't properly format links

I summarized this:

The result:

This discussion is about which version of Font Awesome the Category Icons plugin for Discourse uses.

TechnoFox ([1][/t/-/277694]) asked what version Category Icons uses, wondering if an upgrade is possible. Firepup650 ([2][/t/-/277694]) responded that Discourse overall uses FontAwesome 5, so upgrading Category Icons alone would require changes to other parts of Discourse.

TechnoFox ([3][/t/-/277694]) followed up by asking if there are any plans to update Discourse to newer FontAwesome versions, and what might be preventing that.

Finally, pfaffman ([4][/t/-/277694]) linked to a meta post indicating Discourse has introduced FontAwesome 5 and SVG icons.

The links aren’t properly formatted. It wrapped the link with square brackets instead of brackets.

([1][/t/-/277694]) should be ([1](/t/-/277694)) → (1)


Yes, Claude 2 takes much coaxing, does not happen with gpt 4

@Roman_Rizzi had looking at some of this edge cases on his list somewhere

Fixed today in FEATURE: Better link in Claude summaries by xfalcox · Pull Request #183 · discourse/discourse-ai · GitHub