Akismet | Question about how it works

Hello, everyone.

My name is Andres Gomez, and I work on the SmartThings Developer Support team, so I am also an admin in the SmartThings Community .

As far as I am concerned, Akismet is a tool that automatically bans posts with strange words or that are suspected to be some kind of publicity, right? My question here is if there is any kind of chance that Akismet bans a post when a user (another user, not the one that created that topic) is editing it.

I will try to explain this the best I can. A user (let’s say @john, is new to our Community), posted something. Another user (let’s say @robert, is a long-time user), saw @john’s post. He noticed that @john used some incorrect tags and the title of the post is pretty generic, so he decided to edit it. While @robert is editing the title of the post, a message came up. It says that:


Is there any chance that @robert intervention made the post banned? It is important to mention that @robert has just started editing the post, this means that he didn’t submit any changes so far. It is also important to mention that @robert didn’t add any insult or anything odd to the post, just some keywords to the title, and some labels.

Hi Andres. :wave:

The plugin sends posts to the Akismet service once every 10 minutes:

It sounds like they were editing it when the backgorund job activated. :slight_smile:


Thanks, @maiki! I will let the team know. For now this seems to be the answer.


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