Temporarily Disable Akismet

Is there a way to disable the Akismet plugin or a way to loosen the rules for flagging content as we ramp up new members from our customer base? I only get false positives and some new member’s first experience with us is getting a wrist slap. I changed the email to be a bit more friendly, but I’ve had one person worried that they were breaking the rules and PMd me.

You can change the skip akismet trust level site setting to 0, and it won’t use akismet for anything.


After changing this setting, I did get another Askismet approval this morning.

Are you certain it was Akismet? We also queue posts that look suspicious for other reasons. In particular if a user copies and pastes a post we often flag that as potential spam.

Yes, it was the Akismet notification. I looked closer and did notice that I got this notification yesterday, the same day I changed that setting…maybe the notification was a bit just delayed?

It could very well be that. Akismet processing is done asynchronously and it’s possible things were a little backlogged. Please report back if it happens again.