Alignment issue in search field

Hello community
I’ve been having an alignment problem with the search field with the latest updates. I thought it would be solved with the next updates, but for about 2 weeks now the search field has been looking like this. Any solution suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello :wave:,

Try to reset this setting (meaning, no value):


There is a UX issue when search_button_text is used.

Thanks for the suggestion but I’ve been using it this way all the time

That’s odd :thinking: . This is not what I see on your HTML:

Looking at the code, the translation is used in that <span>:

I think you defined this translation in English locale, but you currently use another language. :thinking:

I can see it:


Yes, the language is Turkish, but I have been using it this way for 2 years and did not experience any problems. Where could I have gone wrong ?

This is a side-effect of this PR:

As far as I understand, we need to wait for an update regarding this issue ?

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This is an issue that needs to be addressed, yes.

For now, you can make it less messy by removing the text you defined for search_button_text in the English locale.


I just saw that the problem was solved with the update, thank you.


For reference, fixed by Jordan here: :+1: