All my posts are being held for moderation

Not sure if i can really ask this question but, I recently (2 days ago) re-joined a forum for an app here:
I’m at trust level one and have tried to post at least 20 times.
EVERY SINGLE POST is in moderation.
I don’t know if this is new or a bug because when I had my old account, this didn’t happen.
Is this a feature, a bug, or is it most likely their configuration error??

Have you contacted the admins of that site?

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they haven’t responded, but i thought I’d ask if the moderation is a new “thing” as of about a year ago

There is no systematic change that I’m aware of that should be causing this. When you say re-joined do you mean you’re using the same account you had back then and have just started posting again?

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no–i made a new account. I cant remember my old password, I’ll have to see if i can figure it out
Thanks for helping. :slight_smile:

Did you get a message saying that your account was temporarily on hold?

And did you consider just doing a password reset on the old account?

  1. no, just moderation for every time I post. let me screenshot

  2. old email, self-explanatory

Are you copying/pasting your responses? Are there any keywords that apply to all 22 of your posts?


See where it says “Please be patient?” I suspect that’s what you should do.

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Not that I know of. They’re all unique (mostly) and they’ve been held since the first one I’ve posted.

good enough for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This has nothing to do with Discourse. If you give the site staff time to approve the posts, and they’re still pending, you’ll need to contact the admins of Hopscotch forums. You can view the site staff at

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