Topics Unlisted and 'Maximum number of posts to embed' not respected?

I’m not understanding this part. I am getting the feed articles, but they are only viewable by the admin (they appear to be not listed) and they are not going into the correct categories.

And I don’t understand what this means - " Replace REPLACE_ME with the canonical URL of the page you are embedding it on."

To fix the issue with the topics being set as unlisted, disable your Discourse embed unlisted site setting.

The issue with the topics not being published to the category that you have set is probably happening because the feed’s posts are not being served from the feed’s domain. You will need to look at the raw feed, by loading the feed directly in your browser. Once you have loaded the feed, look for the value of the feed’s link attributes. The domain that is used in this attribute needs is what needs to be added to the Allowed Hosts record that you create. Have a look at Configure the Discourse RSS Polling Plugin for details.

You can ignore that section of the Embedding page. That code is used for displaying Discourse comments on an external site.

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Thanks! I found the unlisted setting and made that change, all go now.

So I deleted the feeds I had and readded a couple and one of them appears to be working and posting in the correct category. However, even though I have “Maximum number of posts to embed” set to 10, it downloads 1400 posts the first time I add it.

Also, can you explain how to use the Crawler Settings in a little more detail?

Thanks again for the assistance!

It will download every single item in the RSS feed. If you delete a topic it’ll just recreate it. The only way to reduce the number of items it sucks up is to remove them from the RSS feed at source. Once it’s imported something, you can unlist the topic instead of deleting it.

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Yes, unfortunately the Maximum number of posts to embed setting is not applied to RSS feed items.