Allow anonymous users to view a topic?

I would like to have a topic (or some) that anonymous users can view without them getting access to the rest of the site or having to create an account.

I tried doing this by changing the security for all categories (except the one with the topics I want to share) to require trust_level_0 to see (I removed the everyone security). I set “login required” to false.

This almost does what I want except

The anonymous is able to visit the badges page and from there, by clicking on the basic membership, get a list of all users in the system.

The anonymous user is able to see the groups page and see some groups in it.

Is there a way of producing a “bypass” url for the particular topic I want to share, that means I can “login required” back to true byt let anonymous users see the specific topic (or equivalent)?


The Page Publishing plugin makes this possible now.

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