Hiding Posts From Anon Within A Topic


Is there any way to allow Anon users to view a Topics contents, but not be able to view Posts within that Topic?

i’m assuming you mean let anonymous users view topic posts (first post) but not the replies? :thinking:

i suspect it can be done with some CSS or plugin trickery but i’m not sure.

only way i can think of off hand is to use page publishing, but the topic won’t appear in a topic list for anon users, so you would have to link the published page to a topic that anon users can see. you can publish a topic post and make i viewable to all users even if the topic is in a secure category. you need to set the following admin settings:

then from a category that has it’s security settings setup so that anonymous users cannot access or see it, you can publish a public page which only shows the first post. but i suspect this is not what you are looking for and would like the original topic posts to appear as normal to anon users on topic list pages, and i don’t believe is possible without perhaps making a plug-in.

you may be able to use the whispers function to somehow achieve this by setting it to trust level 0 (or even 1).