View Topics without Login?

(Sebastian) #1

Is there a way to invite other people to a special topic?

usecase would be to share a topic on social media, so other people could see what happens in there but cant reply or anything.
I am pretty sure thats possible but i cant find the right Security Setting for it. Would appreciate any help


That’s the default. Anonymous web browsing. Many of us started as lurkers.

Unless you operate a paywall?

(Sebastian) #3

When i am trying to invite someone to my topic, he is forced to create an account or to logg in. And when i am trying to connect to my index page its also asking for a registration. Do yu know where i can change that ?

(Robert McIntosh) #4

Sounds like you have asked for the site to require login. If you are happy for anonymous users to read content, then click on this setting:

Go to Settings, Login and search for login required

(Sebastian) #5

Thank you so much, thats exactly what i was looking for

(Jeff Atwood) #6

You can also set this in the setup wizard that runs immediately after install.

(system) #7

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