Allow another Group be assigned as Owner

With the benefits of Category Moderators. In a category where you need to be a member of a group to participate. It would be beneficial if another group can be set as owner.

In this scenario a problem user could be ejected from a group by say the category moderator group. A list could be maybe maintained in the templates plugin if a ban from that group is permanent or not

Ideally an added feature maybe down the road would be to add a suspend option to group members similar to main site. This could have temp and perm options.

But ATM simply being able to have group A set as owner of group B would be awesome.

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Hey Dan,

This is something I was looking at a while ago as well. I had a bit of trouble finding these topics in the search so I just went though my post history instead :sweat_smile:

Here are some similar topics :slight_smile:


That is awesome! Imho this really needs to be bumped. Adding this feature we could more easily create an improved Reddit like multi community site.

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Might be an idea to invite other users from those topics.

Maybe if we can drum up enough interest. We could pool resources to sponsor a plugin maybe to splice in this desirable functionality.