Allow category notification setting to cascade to sub-categories


(Matt Taylor) #1

I have two levels of categories in my forum. I would like to allow users to change their notification settings on the top-level category with an option to apply this setting to the sub-categories within the parent. This prevents them from needing to react to category changes by once again updating their sub-category settings.

I’m thinking something like a checkbox to enable the notification selection to apply to all sub-categories.

(Chodu) #2

a main section may have dozens of sub-sections, it’s annoying to mute them all manually.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

I think a modal would be better. That way when you change your tracking status, we say something like:

Would you like to apply this change to *all* underlying sub-categories?
You're currently Watching 2 sub-categories, and Tracking 1 sub-category.

This is what makes it a not-so trivial change though. A convenience feature like this one needs to communicate very clearly what it does, so that users don’t shoot themselves in the foot. No one wants to make a mistake in bulk :cold_sweat:

If a clear UX path is laid out, we’d probably be open to a PR on this one.