Can watching a category watch all its subcategories as well?

It seems like whenever a category is watched, any subcategories underneath it are not automatically watched as well.

This way, when I have a lot of subcategories (in our case different countries), it is quite a long watch list that must be carefully maintained for different users.

Is there a way to “propagate” the watch to subcategories?


This question is similar to:


but it doesn’t seem to have a resolution yet. Subcategories seem to be only used for:

  1. Organization purposes
  2. Getting list of Latest
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This seems relevant:

But anyway, can I get clarity on the intended situation? There no relation between watch settings for categories and subcategories? They each are changed independently, and only posts directly in the top-level category are affected by its watch settings?

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Following up on this, I think the solution I’d want is:

  • A watch option for only top-level categories called “watch this + all subcategories”

Though I can see why selecting the parent separately would be good for some. In our case the there is no posting allowed in the parent category so there is nothing there but the subcategories which there can be many of. Though I would love not have to have to need a bunch of subcategories I think we still need them in some cases.

A way to quickly multi-select in the mute category selection dropdown would be nice too, for those who like fine tuning. but a single option like mentioned above would be great as well