Can watching a category watch all its subcategories as well?

(Stephen Chung) #1

It seems like whenever a category is watched, any subcategories underneath it are not automatically watched as well.

This way, when I have a lot of subcategories (in our case different countries), it is quite a long watch list that must be carefully maintained for different users.

Is there a way to “propagate” the watch to subcategories?

(Stephen Chung) #2

This question is similar to:


but it doesn’t seem to have a resolution yet. Subcategories seem to be only used for:

  1. Organization purposes
  2. Getting list of Latest

(Wolftune) #3

This seems relevant:

But anyway, can I get clarity on the intended situation? There no relation between watch settings for categories and subcategories? They each are changed independently, and only posts directly in the top-level category are affected by its watch settings?

(Wolftune) #4

Following up on this, I think the solution I’d want is:

  • A watch option for only top-level categories called “watch this + all subcategories”