How can users change their notification preferences in bulk?

Hello Everyone!

I want to be able to change notification preferences in bulk, as a user for personal preference, but also as an admin for other users. As an example:

Category 1: Chocolates
Sub-categories: m&m, kitkat, hersheys, ferrero, mars

Category 2: Pasta
Sub-categories: spaghetti, fusillini, farfalle

Category 3: How to Cook
Sub-categories: Course 1, Course 2, Course 3, Course 4, Course 5, Course 6, Course 7

If we have a group of people who join specifically for Chocolates and they want to see just that, is it possible for them to have a “mute all (including sub-categories) except Chocolates” implementation?

When we mute the main categories, only the main categories themselves are hidden in the home page, the sub categories from each individual main category are at the bottom of the Topic list. They will only be hidden if they are Muted individually. On top of muting the sub-categories individually, muting the main categories themselves is a lot of work per group / per user for users as we have a lot of main categories.

This will help people who want to focus on just Chocolates to see just Chocolates and its sub-categories, instead of seeing greyed out sub-categories from muted main categories.
Essentially something like a “Mute all Except” button, or “Watch First Post in Chocolate and sub categories” button.

You can use group category settings to do most of that, though I’m not quite clear about the intricacies either of your desires nor Discourse’s behavior. :wink:

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@pfaffman , thanks for responding! When users do use this, they would have to manually type in all the categories (including sub-categories) in muted just so they can strictly see what they joined in for. What I was hoping to provide to users is more like a "Mute All Except: " where you just include the one-two categories you really want and everything else gets muted. Is this achievable in Discourse?

Those are settings for the group, so you can set all of those for people who join the group. It does (at least what I think is) everything you want