Allow group owners to invite users to a group they own in the initial invite

I’ve been trying to find a way to simplify group adds for our beta test user groups. Right now it’s a bit of work for our product managers, they have to:

  1. Send invites to customers to create a profile
  2. Customers open the email link and complete a profile
  3. PM monitors invites and see who accepted them
  4. PMs add the people who accepted the invites to the Beta Group
  5. PMs send an email / private message to the customer that they can now access the Beta Group

I know as an admin I can add groups to the invite per this post: Invite individual users to a group, but I don’t really want to make these guys admins just to save a couple of steps.

What would be ideal is if the group owner could add the group to the initial invite, but be limited to the groups they own. In this case they would only be allowed to select the Beta Tester group, and not my employee, staff, or other groups.

As a stretch goal it would be nice if the email or private message could also be sent automatically when the user signs up. This would take the process down from 5 steps to 2 steps.



Any ideas on improving this process @tgxworld or @sam? I know “participate in a beta” is one of the earliest uses we have of it…

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I’m in the same situation, and I think that add an Invite button only for owners so they can send invitations to other users to join the group is a good solution to start. Something like this:


Would be cool indeed to be able to invite people as a group owner. This didn’t get implemented, right? Thanks!

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