Allow hiding of muted topics from categories page on mobile

I’m using On mobile, if I go to the home page, I see each category and the most recent three topics in each category. However, this list of topics sometimes include topics that have been muted. If I actually go into a subsection, the muted topics are properly hidden.

On mobile Discourse always shows categories with “featured topics”, but muted topics are only filtered from “latest topics”. There’s currently no way to change that behavior since the site setting desktop_category_page_style is ignored on mobile.

I’m converting this to a feature request.


Any chance this will be considered in the foreseeable future? The instance I use regularly recently added a really chatty category. I’ve muted it, but I still see topics in that category multiple times a day since they still show up on mobile on the home page. Is there a technical reason this can’t easily be done, or has it just not been a priority?

No follow up on this I guess? :disappointed:

Per How does the Discourse project work? feature requests are weighted using many factors, one of them how many communities are asking for it.

Some features take years to be worked on because there are bigger fish to fry elsewhere in the product.