Muted Categories are Visible on Mobile

Despite muting a certain category, it seems to be visible on the mobile version of Discourse.

Browser: iOS Safari
iOS Version: 13.3.1

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This is intentional actually. We changed the behavior in 2.4 because we were finding removing the categories fully from the UI was heavy handed. You won’t see that category’s topics in Latest still but you can navigate to the category from the drop down or the categories page. That being said there is now a CSS selector on muted categories so you can hide them via theme component if you like.


Wait so you mean that kind of categories view is removed now?

We didn’t remove any views; we just allowed muted categories to show up in places where they were previously hidden.


Basically, a muted category will just be muted, not invisible?

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Correct but you can add this theme component to hide the muted categories if you like.


We have the theme component on our site, however it’s inconsistent with desktop and still doesn’t get hidden on mobile. It’s probably a bug with the component?

@Mikitos there were some missing data attributes on some templates (which that theme component uses to hide muted categories), so I have a fix for that in this commit.

Additionally, we decided to try demoting muted categories to the bottom of the list if you do want to keep them viewable. Should be available on tests-passed as soon as checks finish.