Allow moderators to see replies to “revise post”s

Good afternoon all,

I think it would be great for moderators to be able to see replies made by users to their “revise post” PMs.

This could be specifically helpful to allow further insight and conversation into why exactly their post was rejected and requires revision. We may require revision for a post, but they may reply with a valid counter argument which may decide to post the reply/topic.

Otherwise, we may be able to explain further why their post is not allowed and thus can help relations between moderators and users.


I think you could do this by adding moderators to the site contact group name setting.

I see this as a workaround, not a fix/feature.

For example, what happens with category moderation groups?

The goal would be for only the moderators for a specific category to be added to the post revision topic?

It would be:

  • always add moderators group
  • add the category moderation group where one is set

hmmm, I think that system emails shouldn’t be replied to and perhaps some text could be added to the email template to contact the moderators if they need to discuss. :thinking:

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I can understand that argument. Could the ‘sender’ of the PM not be changed so that it comes from the moderator who requests revision? Though, I suppose that can invite personal hatred/dislike towards that moderator if the user disagrees with their point.

I think it would be a lot more friendly for the user to simply just reply to the PM rather than having to create a new message to site moderators. What happens in the case where the user is less than TL2 and the site restricts users of that and below from creating PM’s?

I guess the latter seems the only viable option if you don’t intend to break practices with system PMs.

Maybe add a link to message moderators with or link to category moderators

Add notification that it is an automated message similar to Automod on Reddit.

Have system close message so no reply possible.

An alternative to closing or creating a new pm the link in the system message could be to invite moderators & link to invite category mod. An mci code could be used for the category mods similar to mci codes used in template messages.

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Furthermore, discourse/config/locales/server.en.yml at 1d5f7f92e803bdcf98c98b16a45fadc1f2c4c7de · discourse/discourse · GitHub seems invalid if such behaviour is expected.


I believe that is more of an thought on system behavior. I have had different users reply to the system messages; usually toxic users.

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I think we do actually suggest they reply to the PM if they have any questions so it would certainly be useful if there was someone on the other end by default.

(I belatedly realised you already linked the same line in your previous post :slight_smile:)