Allow people to enter email to get notified when feature request is complete

We have a category for feedback, within which people post feature requests, and can vote on existing feature requests.

I’m trying to understand the best way to have people ‘subscribe’ to a feature request with their email. We can then pull the list of people waiting for a feature and when it’s ready, we know exactly who to email first.

Wondered how other people have handled this in Discourse?

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Anyone that interested should simply press the watch button on the topic, then make sure staff reply with “this is complete” when the request is complete. Anyone watching a topic is notified of every response.


Could possibly add this to tracking for people who do not want to be bugged by everything but would like to know when it is solved. This would be useful with solved in more instances than just Voting.

If I go to a topic where the issue is one I have also, I may just want to be notified when solved. Then if the Voting has a solved option, this would satisfy that as well. 2 birds or even more with one feature.

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One slotted feature for the voting plugin is “auto close on solved after N hours”

Once that is built, everyone will get an extra item in unread as soon as it is closed, so they will effectively be notified automatically, even if staff forget to add a post.