Required tag groups not being respected

We have the following requirements for a category:

There are two tags in the tag group Product In Discovery:

  • open
  • closed

When I go then to create a new topic in the In Discovery category, I see this when selecting a tag:

Am I missing something? This feature used to work such that the only tags it would show me there first, were the tags required in order of the specified required tag groups.

In this current implementation, I can select any tag I want and hit create topic, and it goes through.

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Are you checking as an admin or a regular test user?


Admin. I assume that that wouldn’t apply then to admins? (That makes sense, but I have a case where I would also want an admin to be required to follow those instructions)

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I’m afraid admins aren’t currently limited by those restrictions. If you give it a whirl with a non-staff user you should see it working as you’d expect. :+1:

There is a feature request for having them apply to mods (and admins) too: