Allow site operators to control full name suppression on posts

What if we only did it if there was a space, since the argument seems to be that

jamesbrown James Brown

could be

jamesbrown Jam Esbrown

This would protect you from the sam sam case.


I can weaken the suppression, but where do we stop

“sam_saffron Sam Saffron” ?
“samsaffron Sam Saffron” ?
“sam Sam” ?
“sam sam” ?

also I wonder if the hardline by @kensims and @downey here is “sam sam” must be, cause that is what the setting says.

My opinion is that byte identical is the only acceptable criterion for suppression.

My preference is that the option be available to show them even when they are byte identical.


Having an option to allow duplicates allows users of forums I manage to see the same username Full Name every single time, regardless if they are identical.

Otherwise, it’s just confusing as to what’s what.

Any buggy/duplicate “blame” falls on the person who choses to have a username and full name that match exactly… and since we require full names on our board, that’s just not going to happen here.


Just in case someone was thinking about closing my original feature request … I personally don’t consider it solved or implemented as long as it’s in a proprietary & paid plugin. :frowning:


There are two three proposals being tossed around here, it’s getting confusing.

a) No suppression of full names. Ex:

For downey / Michael Downey, show username and full name (current behavior).
For sam_saffron / Sam Saffron, show username and full name (no suppression).
For joe1234 [no fullname set], show username (joe1234)

b) Suppress all usernames when full name is present. Ex:

For downey / Michael Downey, show only full name (Michael Downey)
For sam_saffron Sam Saffron, show only full name (Sam Saffron)
For joe1234 [no fullname set], show username (joe1234)

c) Change current suppression to hide username vs fullname

For downey / Michael Downey, show username and full name (current behavior).
For sam_saffron / Sam Saffron, show only full name (Sam Saffron).
For joe1234 [no fullname set], show username (joe1234)

All three could be options, but I would really like Option B. My site is focused on real people and community building; cryptic usernames are far less useful than full names for accountability reasons. IMHO It’s OK to obscure the username. The @mention already searches on full names when provided, so that’s a non-issue. By typing @kane, I see Kane York pop up, and autocomplete will correct that to @riking.


Thanks for the recap @ky_metro

I’m all in for a) No suppression of full names.

However, that doesn’t address @sam’s point of view that in this case:

For sam / sam, show username and full name (no suppression).

would be absolutely redundant. (This is not the same as sam / Sam, which isn’t an exact match)

Personally, I don’t really care if it’s sam / sam, showing twice… that just means the user intentionally set their username as their full name.

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+1 For option b). We’re also a community of real-world people based round a real-world place/resource so it doesn’t make sense to have two identities.

Option b exists, it’s a single CSS rule

Do you mean span.username {display: none;} ?

That doesn’t cover cases where Discourse suppressed the full name - there’d be no name at all.

However, once option A is provided then option B will be a single CSS rule.

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.topic-meta-data .username {display: none;}

Try it on this page using Firebug. Tom_Newsom, kensims, nighware, cpradio, dmitry_fedyuk (etc) display no names at all.

Like I said, once we have option A (no fullname suppression), then option B can be done via CSS… except for cases where no fullname is provided. I can live with that though, as we now have the option to require full names.


I am fine to add an option to unconditionally disable suppression pull request welcome


From version 3.0, my Real Name plugin has an optional Real Name only mode not only for topic pages but for profile pages and usercard popups (mini-profiles) too. It also supports Real Name only mode for Accepted Answer plugin.

This is out of control @dmitry_fedyuk we agreed on a simple solution here, add the site setting and submit a PR, in the future plugging a paid plugin in these kind of spots will be simply deleted


Planned per @ky_metro’s options, if anyone wants to take this, let me know.


OK this can now go off my list:

  1. We already amended it so if you prefer name, then name is unconditionally displayed on posts.

So, if prioritize_username_in_ux is false AND … Name is Sam Saffron AND Username is sam.saffron

We will display Sam Saffron

  1. For people who do not like the similar username / name suppression I added Removing similar username / name suppression on posts

So, now I will celebrate and close this req on Monday. :man_technologist:t3::wine_glass:


Will this be an option?

Sorry, I did not full qualify the above

I do not want to add another site setting for “never do any suppression”, but the theme component above is fully supported and will work if you really want to unconditionally show both username and name


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