Allow staff to edit other users' chat messages

I’m not totally sure if this can be counted as a bug, but because Chat is now acting differently than topics I’m counting this as a bug.

With topics and posts, basically everywhere, an admin can edit everything. But that is not situtation on chat and there a message can be edited only by writer.

If this is by desing and I’m doing more or less another feature request so it shall be: can that behaviour change such way an admin has editing rights over every chat message?

I had one user who send a printscreen with a little bit too sensitive information I would like to crop it more but I couldn’t because I wasn’t allowed edit other’s message.

Sure, I loggeg in as that user and fiex it, but that is not very stylish solution.

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I’ve hit this limitation before as well :raised_hand:

#chat feedback

One limitation is that I couldn't edit the image out, and had to delete the whole chat message. Sorry @Pixlz

I would find it a useful feature too, if it is not a #bug.


I’ve moved this to #feature, but I do think it’s reasonable to expect that folks who can edit other users’ posts should also be able to edit other users’ chat messages.

I’m not sure it’s been discussed prior to this though, so it may be helpful to pause and think “why not?” as well.

I’d argue, at least, that it’s more important for this feature to exist in posts, where content are more durable and discoverable, and less important for this feature to exist in chat, where messages scroll off the page, and some reply-noise to ask the user to edit it themselves is less objectionable.

Not saying we shouldn’t do this on those grounds, but for those reasons, I’m not yet ready to jump to prioritize this and I can understand why it hasn’t come up yet.

It’s good to hear examples though, and interesting that in your case, @JammyDodger, you chose to delete the message.

That’s the only option available, I think. If a portion of a chat message is undesired (a word, sentence, or image) then you can either leave the whole thing or delete it. There’s no middle ground. :man_shrugging:

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