Cannot edit posts in PMs when silenced

When silenced: I cannot edit posts in personal messages. I can only choose to delete or reply. This behavior does not seem intended.

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A silenced user can’t create topics, post replies, initiate or reply to a chat discussion (whether it’s a channel or a personal/group chat), but is able to initiate or reply to PMs.

Not being able to edit a PM seems indeed a bit off considering the described rules.


By the way, if they can’t edit, I hope silenced users shouldn’t also be able to delete their own posts.

I once had a user get silenced, then she mass deleted her posts to destroy her troll history, and then slandered us of unfairly silencing her.


I like the idea of banning delete, but I worry that the word “silenced” would not properly describe the user state at that point. Feels kind of “frozen” at that point.

I wonder if in this case suspension is a better path to take than silencing?

Regarding the OP, putting a pr-welcome on amending the guardian to allow editing inside PMs.


Yes it is more like “archive” user, with the old silencing method is more like “close” user :smile:

Maybe it’s reasonable to have three different states. Suspended users cannot log in, but sometimes you also want these users to continue reading restricted topics. (This is just a brainstorm on my part, not a feature request)


The problem stated is that in the personal message, I cannot edit, so I instead have to create another message with the correction. This can get really messy.

While silenced, I can still delete posts, which can become problematic for some - outside of a personal message:

I think:

  • don’t allow people to delete posts outside of PMs because of @Lhc_fl’s story below:
  • allow people to edit posts inside of PMs since it can get really messy. Since you cannot edit, corrections have to be done by creating more replies.
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