Allow to clear penalty history after a suspension as ended

Is there a way we could keep the “clear penalty history” option available even if a user’s suspension has run its course? Right now it only displays if a suspension or silence is actively in effect (at least, it looks that way from my limited testing). Currently the only way I know of to remove the count is to resuspend them and then remove it.


Yes can confirm Clear Penalty Count only present while a user is Silenced or Suspended. Seems like a bug imho.

What is the ‘scope’ of the clearance?
Does it remove all record of?

Edit - I’ve read the topic for this was split from, and various others. It seems if a suspension was in error there’s no way to expunge it- it stays there forever colouring inappropriately reputation?, When was it ought to do is flag inappropriate moderation

I believe the Clear Penalty option is always present if a user is TL2 or higher.

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