Clearing Penalty History

Hey, all.

I know a while back I saw a way to clear a user’s penalty history in the backend. Did this option change or disappear more recently? Is there a way to clear out a logged suspension on a user’s history?

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Just wanted to do a quick follow-up on this…still haven’t figured out a way to clear suspension history on a user. I seem to remember this being fairly easy to do before.

If you go to a user’s admin page

there should be a “clear penalty history” option

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My test user has two suspensions on record, but no apparent option on the admin screen to clear penalty history:

I get this too. It seems that you can only clear the penalty history whilst the user is suspended. Once they are unsuspended no button is visible to remove their penalty history.

I’m not seeing that even when the user is suspended:

Alright…I think I figured out what’s going on. The penalty count only seems to show up when the user is at trust level 2…and, I suspect, only if the suspension is allowed to time out. If you manually lift the suspension, the counter doesn’t increment, so there’s nothing to clear.

The counter itself is glitchy, though. If you manually unsuspend the user, it doesn’t increment, but it also doesn’t show as a “removed suspension” in the log. Furthermore, I tested this by manually suspending, then unsuspending a user several times before clearing the penalty count on the third or fourth suspension. That retroactively marked all of the previous suspensions on my test account as “removed” and ended up giving my account a negative penalty count.

Note that this also made the account ineligible for trust level upgrade:


So it looks like while what my initial question addressed might be expected behavior, there may still be some glitches in the counting mechanism.