Allow topic starter to be topic admin, and replacement for chat?


I really like discourse, for sure one of the best and modern forum software. I basically know it from the Renoise forum, where it drastically improved the forum features over the old software.

I was looking into features and plugins, but couldn’t not find a good answer on the following questions. I hope I posted these into the proper forum section:

  • Is there some kind of feature / plugin that allows a thread starter to be a thread admin, so she/he can moderate / delete posts within the thread?

  • Do you think that Discourse also could be a replacement for company chat / communication similar to Slack? So has it chat features, group chats etc?


Hello @ffx welcome to Discourse meta :discourse: :wave:

This has been risen a few times but it isn’t a feature that will be added to Discourse. There isn’t currently any plugin that I am aware of which can do this either. If you create a topic in #marketplace someone might be willing to assist you.

Not sure if it will suit your needs but we do have Discourse Teams you can read the blog post in this topic below

Perhaps @tobiaseigen can help you here.