Dedicated chat client?

My business is ramping up our usage of Discourse, now building “micro communities” within our community—that is, other business units want to do their user-facing operations through Discourse.

As a forcing function, I’m having my team move all of our operations to Discourse, eg:

One thing we’re immediately noticing is the need for some improved experiences with chat, namely, a dedicated chat client.


Can you expand a bit on Chat Client?

Discourse has Chat implemented (see admin plugins Chat) you may need to enable it.

What are you looking for the Chat to have?

This is the Official integrated in Core

This plugin maybe of use and is an official plugin.

Here is a 3rdparty plugin that currently supports Telegram with plans to add more later

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Oh yes, we are using the chat client in-browser. We are looking for chat to have a dedicated client that can be installed on the OS, uses native OS notifications, is a separate, standalone application/UI without the forum, etc.


I don’t believe there is a direct chat ap for the Discourse chat plugin.

Which would make this a feature request. :slight_smile:


Jam what about these 3 projects?

Would one of them possibly work towards that end?

It also mentions Fig & Lexicon as well as the Op’s project