Allow users to see who has access to a private category

I currently have a few categories that are locked to specific user groups. However, it’s impossible (afaik) to easily see which groups have access to that category… Even if I am a member of a group that DOES have access to it.

Yes, the category shows up and has a Lock icon next to it. But it would be great if I were able to easily see that members of GroupA and GroupB have access to Category1, and members of GroupB only have access to Category2. Perhaps a subheading under the group name… or a dropdown…

This way I can be certain WHO will have access to the post I am creating in a given category.

Short of building a feature to do this, one could put it in the About this Category topic, so it is shown to those who have said access.


I’m looking at doing that, but given that access might change (add a group, here, remove a group there) as the community grows, it seems useful if there were a way for people to just know at a glance who is going to see what they’re posting.