Access to Category visible for users

At the moment, only Admins can see who has access to a Category via the settings:


I frequently get asked ‘who has access’, and have to be very explicit in the description. However, this can be tricky when access changes a bit, or the group name changes as the Category descriptions don’t seem to dynamically update.

It would be wonderful to have a nice friendly view for those users who can see a Category that has the groups with access clearly visible. It would also be extremely helpful to have the Category moderators also available on the same view - at the moment this is only via /about or via a group mentioned in the description.


Interesting, we have some internal discussion going about making the relationship between groups and categories more evident that @Dax is championing. We will keep this in mind.

One tricky thing we need to allow for is that in some cases secrecy is desired, so I am not sure if exposing this info is a default on / default off thing or if it is a global vs category group setting.


How about just using the existing category and group permissions for that?

If the category is private, then only those in the groups with access can see it anyway.
If a group is private / hidden then it would also be hidden within the category for those users.

With my small brain, I can’t see any situation where that wouldn’t work.

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