Allow write access without read access

I’m using discourse for a community very privacy focused.

I would like to have topic or categories with write access to a group, but without read access to the group.

First use-case :
To join an event, everybody need to say some personal information (trauma trigger for example).
The staff need to know that (so be able to read it), but other attendee must not have access to theses personal data.

Today, i can handle that by using an external form tool (framaform), or by asking to send me PM after copy past a template with the questions.
But none of these way are fully satisfying :

  • answer in PM are in the middle of everything else, not stored in the proper topic.
  • answer in PM can only be read by me, not by other staff members (so if there is many attendees, there is many work for one individual)
  • answer in external form need to go outside discourse to fill it, and to check it as staff member. (backup, right management and privacy have to be handled specifically).

Another use case :
Everybody need to write a brief about itself to join the community.
As member of the community, i would like to know who say what in it brief.
But I don’t want the world wide to be able to read every brief (nor know who’s in the community)

Today, i don’t know how to do this with discourse without :

  • having write comment right whitout read comment right,
  • or be able to add a new topic to a category without being able to read unpined topic (but be able to read pinned one to have a template about what to say).
  • or be able to include spoiler tag in my post with access right requirements to read them.

Is there a way to do that today ?
If not, does it look like a good idea to add it ? In core ? As plugin ?

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Here’s a related discussion (there are several like it and some may link to that one for further exploration): Create/See and Create Permissions (again)

Some things that may be worth taking a look at to see whether/how they might meet your needs: