Discourse-bcc: send individual PMs to users

I’ve just released discourse-bcc, a plugin that allows you to send a individual personal messages to several users at once.

When enabled, you’ll see a checkbox when you start composing a PM:

If you check that box, instead of one PM that everyone shares access to, Discourse will create 1 PM per user provided.

If you add a group, each member of the group will be sent an individual PM.

The plugin is fairly new and while I’ve confirmed it’s working it should be considered a beta right now. Please let me know if you have any feedback!


Amazing! This makes a cumbersome method obsolete that I have been using with postman and the API to send what we call “bulk PMs” to a selection of users. I have not installed your plugin yet, but am super keen.

Would it be possible for you to add the ability to cc another user or group as well as the individual recipient of the message? This is something we depend on a great deal to make sure we don’t drop the ball on engagement via PM with specific members.

With our bulk PM method we also were able to personalize the message a bit and add tags which is very useful, but likely out of scope for this plugin.


Figuring out who to cc vs bcc makes it a lot more complicated from a UX and implementation perspective so I don’t think I’ll be adding that any time soon. However, if you have a PR for that functionality I’d certainly consider it!


Thanks, Robin! I guess I was thinking of a simple admin setting like this:

Or “Invite site contact group to all discourse-bcc messages”.

Did a test and it works as advertised - nice job. I did not test the limits but are there limits? Maybe there should be to prevent people (including staff) from bcc’ing their whole community. :wink:

It’s a staff only feature right now so there are no limits. You have to trust your moderators/admins to use it properly.

Also I don’t love auto adding to all BCC messages as it’s a bit hidden and easy to forget.

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