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I have a user I trust. In general, edits can only be done for 30 days globally (we can change that, but then everyone has it). However, I want to give this person access to edit his own posts for a very long time. The only way I know how to do this, is by making him a leader T4. However, that gives him too much privs and he can edit other people’s posts and do a lot of other things too with this level.

Is there a way to remedy this locally for him… Is there a custom trust level?

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“editing grace period” setting seems for all TLs

Yes… I’m aware that there is a setting for this. but it is global for all T0, T1, T2, T3

I don’t think there is, other than you could tell them to send in edits by e-mail and then a TL 4 could post those.

Obviously that would become annoying if there are a lot of edits but for past 30 day edits usually wouldn’t think those need too much more editing.

Yes… I think it is not possible. We are a small group with a little over 100 members, but only about 10 or 15 are “involved”. I read about a wiki post and will need to look into this more. I think that would be the solution . It is an ongoing edit of a resources page a member originally posted and updates…

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There is a way to make a post “wiki” so it can be permanently edited, as for the moderation guide.

With that it is open for anyone to edit, or may be limited to one of the trust tiers.


Yes… I see that if I want to, I can edit this post. It seems that this is the proper solution for “resource pages”.

Perhaps I’ll add my two cents to that post too. We have a force moderation plugin for persistent posters who don’t “fit” into our discourse and why it was formed. We have used the plugin 2x. However, you need to know how to add plugins and have access to do this.

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