Let Leaders (trust level 3) edit older posts

I was coming back to this post and noticed that the links had gone stale.

I wanted to edit it to fix the links. Alas, I cannot.

Sooooeew, what do you think about adding the privilege to “edit posts up to N months old” for Leaders?


That happens to be something that TL4 can currently do… :wink:

Any bright ideas on what the promotion requirements should be? :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t TL 4 currently by Staff promotion only?

One the one hand I can see how some members get frustrating by clicking to a 404

On the other hand, shouldn’t they not be surprised if it’s an older post?
Perhaps that attitude is taking the easy way out, but I find “updating links” in older posts requires effort and time I don’t always have.

Doesn’t TL4 grant the ability to edit any and all posts?

Because if I understood @erlend_sh right, this is about TL3 users being able to edit their own posts even after the normal edit time window has elapsed.

Ah, I see, thanks.

Although having a prolonged edit window could introduce problems, I think by the time someone gets to TL3 it’s a fairly safe bet they won’t derail a topic or otherwise cause problems.

How long to you figure, forever or just up to a longer amount of time?

If edited posts cause a Topic to get “bumped” could this not be a problem even when done so with good intentions?

Assuming that the system works and anyone who gets to TL3 is a sensible, productive person, I would have no problem with letting them edit their posts for forever less one day.

It should probably configurable, though. There’s already a ‘post edit time limit’ setting; shouldn’t be too much trouble to add a ‘leader post edit time limit’ setting, right?

The default edit window for your own posts is one year six months. We could certainly increase that value here if needed, but one year is a safe shipping default.

One year is less for some people. We have many use cases where we tend to edit after more information is available. Like technical website. Updated info on MSDN is updated in the first post. Can this be changed to infinity?


You would use wiki for that kind of stuff, anyway, this is all configurable.

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Hmm, just today I stumbled upon an old post of mine that is “just” 4 months 20 days old but I cannot edit the post.

Couldn’t find any other info about this duration so I’m reviving this thread.

We have been ramping this setting default down – right now it is at 3 months, it originally was 1 year. @geek frequently complained that allowing people to edit very old posts could lead to misbehavior and going back to old posts and adding in affiliate or spam links without anyone noticing.

I do agree that we want to be “safe by default” and a 3 month default edit window for your old posts is safer than 12 months or even 6 months.


While the rate limiting has been implemented, allowing the edit window to be set per trust level has not.

Over at https://forums.inovaestudios.com we have a few topics like an Art Challenges topic where the OP is maintaining the first post as a summary of all the art challenges that take place.

You may not agree with that particular usage but there are plenty of other totally valid use cases like updating dead links and correcting out-dated information so as not to misinform people that may read a topic long after it’s posted.

@codinghorror How do you feel about making this customisable per trust level?

Duplicate topic: Editing and Deleting window should be tied to trust level

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Well, Trust Level 4 can edit anything. So that solves that.

Unfortunately there is no auto-promotion to TL4, of course…

It’s perfectly fine to set the long-term user self-edit window in site settings as you deem fit for your site. 3 months is just a safe default value for the setting.

Having to ask a TL4 to edit your post is not a solution.

Yes the edit window can be set, but not per trust level like this:

  • TL0: 30 minutes
  • TL1: 3 months
  • TL2: 1 year
  • TL3: infinite

That is the request.

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Well, we implemented like bonuses per trust level, so it’s not unheard of. e.g. for TL2 you get 1.5× the number of daily likes.

I am unclear why simply setting the global value is not an acceptable solution in your case. Can you explain why?

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We want users to be able to edit old posts, so our admin could just set the global value to a couple of years or infinite but, as you said yourself, the purpose of the limit is to prevent misbehaviour:

and users with a low trust level are less trusted to not misbehave.

Surely a function who’s sole purpose is to prevent misbehaviour is exactly the sort of thing that should be tied to trust level?

Well, you can ask @geek about that – it was a high trust level user who was the problem in his case.


Could TL4 receive notifications of edits to posts over a certain age?

The default appears to be 2 months, not 3.

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I see members asking how they can get to Trust Level 3 for the sole reason of having nofollow removed. So the idea of higher TLs abusing a longer edit time window is not unfounded

somwhat Off-Topic
I was wondering if a “edit” bubble (similar to New and Unread) for Mods might be nice