Allowing users to subscribe to new posts by category

At my work, we need this feature. Basically, UI where a user could check/uncheck categories, and automatically receive emails for each new post in the selected categories. Similar to the emails you get once you start watching a thread, but starting with the first post.

I’m willing to build it and submit a PR (if the core devs think it would be useful), but I thought I’d check in first to make sure (1) it doesn’t already exist somewhere yet, and (2) perhaps be pointed in the right direction on how best to implement it.


Check your user preferences. You can track or watch specific categories.

Really? Can you post a screenshot? I don’t see it in my user preferences. Perhaps it’s a new feature (still on 9.7.5).

Errr… you may want to upgrade. And by ‘may’ I mean you really, really, should.

As @riking said, you should update to the most recent version. You get not just new features but bug fixes too.

Once you update, the preferences are at the bottom of the screen, just above the Save Changes button:

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Awesome. I do plan to upgrade soon – I just started at this job today.

Thanks all!