Notifying my support team when a new post/topic is created

My requirement is that I want our support team to get notified whenever a new post is posted under any category. Can you help me automate all the new posts to be directly sent to as in when they come. This way, we can make sure we respond to all the user queries and don’t miss anything. Is it something that can be done effortlessly?

I guess you could subscribe to all your categories and would be notified about all new posts. But I’m totally new to Discourse so I could be totally wrong.

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The discourse way of doing things is to have everyone on your support team “watching” the categories. You can set this up on your user preferences or when looking at categories - look for the blue bell. By default you will get emails for every post if you are not logged in, but get a notification on the site (look for the blue circle with a number that appears on your avatar) when you are logged in. You can change these settings in your preferences as well.

If you really want to make sure you get every email, you can enable mailing list mode.

And finally, if you really want a specific email address to be notified that is not used to participate in the forum, you can still create an account with that email address and set it up with the preferences you need.

However, that can generate alot of noise in alot of email inboxes! So you can also just rely on how discourse functions to keep up to date with topics as they are updated. The /latest view is great for seeing the newest updates, and /top is also handy for catching up on the most important when you haven’t been logged in for a while. Then you can also depend on your users to flag posts that need attention, etc.


Thanks Tobias for your brief. It was indeed helpful :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Anatoliy for trying :slight_smile:

If you need more control you can listen for webhooks. I have a cloud function on Firebase that processes new content and notifies me in Slack when something needs attention. I used Firebase, because the volume is still low enough to fit in the free plan, and it was faster than integrating the code into another server.