Full names not always showing up in user lists

We have the following settings

  • full name required checked
  • display name on posts checked
  • prioritize username in ux NOT checked

Full names are displayed everywhere except on lists of users.

For example, we went to a group and looked at the members and only half of the members have full names. Can we have full names prioritized instead? Or, at the very least, full names for ALL users, not just ones where the username and full name don’t match?


My guess is that Farzana-Pritte’s real name is Farzana Pritte and “zaps” has “zaps” for her real name.


I agree we should improve the UI here.


  1. Group users page eg: https://meta.discourse.org/g/moderators should show Name first and Username second, like it does on posts when prioritize username is disabled

  2. User directory should do the same: Discourse Meta

Over the years I have also come around to tightening our “duplication” protection.

We have code that suppresses duplication, if my username is “samsaffron” and full name is “Sam Saffron” we only show “samsaffron”.

  1. If prioritize username is disabled at a minimum we should be showing “Sam Saffron”.

  2. I feel we can tighten our dupe protection rules a bit and only do the suppress on exact match if prioritize username is disabled. So for example “Simon Cossar Simon_Cossar” is fine duplication wise.

@techAPJ can you add cleaning this up to your list?